Bulldog Lighting from TGC - Top Gun Customz

Top Gun Customz now carries the entire product line for Bulldog LED Lighting! This includes individual lights, light bars, and curved light bars all in single and dual configurations.  Additionally, Bulldog LED Lighting offers accessories to make installing and running your LED lights go as smoothly as possible. Bulldog LED Lighting products are designed for custom installation on any manufacturer's vehicle. 

Bulldog LED Lighting for Chevy | GM, Dodge, and Ford Trucks - available from TGC - Top Gun Customz
Chevy, Dodge, & Ford trucks with Bulldog LED Lighting

Bulldog-Lighting is proud to have its products MADE in the USA! Bulldog does not buy Chinese parts and assemble. Bulldog employs hundreds through factories across the United States to supply the US-Made parts necessary for Bulldog LED Light Bars. From the aluminum, PCB’s, screws, and lenses, Bulldog has full control over quality, research, development, and custom orders. Bulldog LED Lighting's primary focus is to continually develop Affordable, Innovative, and Tuff products that are Made in the USA.

Below are some builds using Bulldog LED Lighting products:

Ford Super Duty with Bulldog LED Lighting - available from TGC - Top Gun Customz
Team Top Gun Social Portal from TGC - Top Gun Customz
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