Dual steering stabilizers are designed to dampen out the harshness of the highway, the shimmy from running the additional weight of larger tires and wheels, and place control back in your hands. They also reduce driver fatigue by making it easier to turn on and off the road. Stabilizers are an inexpensive, but worthy addition to your steering system.

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TGC: 05-15 Ford F250/F350 SuperDuty Dual Steering Stabilizer
Price: $249.95 
TGC: 08-11 Ford F450 Super Duty Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit with Bilstein Cylinders
Price: $369.95 
EPC: 80-91 Ford Bronco 4x4 Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit
Price: $106.95 
EPC: 80-94 Ford F150 4x4 Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit
Price: $106.95 

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