Running multiple shocks on your rig not only looks cool, It also improves ride quality and control. Top Gun Customz has a great variety of options to help you take your vehicle to then next level by improving your shock setup!

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SJS: Dual Shock Brackets 78-79 Ford Bronco 4x4
Price: $124.68 
SJS: Triple Shock Brackets 80-86 Ford F250 4x4 IFS
Price: $204.93 
EPC: 95-99 Chevy K Series 1500 ALL 4x4 Dual Shock Bracket 6
Price: $281.95 
EPC: 99-09 Chevy 1500HD/2500HD (8-lug) Pickup 4x4 Dual Shock Hoop 6
Price: $281.95 

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